Berean’s Birth Story! By her beautiful mom, Brandi!

by Women’s Birth & Wellness Center on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 8:41pm

Written by Brandi ♥



“I had an appointment Tuesday July 19 at 1:00pm I was 5 days past my due date.

My midwife checked me and I was 3 cm and not effaced at all. My mom watched the

kids for us later that night so Brandon and I could go out. We figured if I

could relax maybe that would help. So we went to TGI Friday’s and I had a few

contractions. But I had been having contractions for weeks before so I didn’t

care much. We also went and walked around Target for a little bit.


We picked up the kids from my mom’s around 9:00 pm and I had a few

contractions while we were there. We came home and got the kids in bed and I

went and layed down. I ended up not having anymore contractions, so we went to

bed, Brandon had to get up at 3 am to go to work. I had a few contractions

through the night, but I would just roll over and go back to sleep.


At 11:30 I woke up to a contraction that hurt, so I got up and sat on my

birthing ball. I wasn’t sure if it was the start of labor, the contractions were

about 12 min apart, but they hurt. Once the contraction was over, I would feel

fine again. So I just bounced on my ball and played Angry Birds and Words with



Around midnight, I woke Brandon up, and told him that I am having some

painful contractions, and I think it might be the start of labor. I wanted to

rest because I figured I had a long time to go. I tried to lay back down, and I

think that worked for about 3 or 4 contractions and then I had to get back up.

Brandon was timing them and they were about 6 to 7 min apart.


At 1:30 I tried to get ahold of my midwife, just to give her a heads up that

the contractions were about 6 min apart. She told me to try and get some rest

and let her know when they got closer together. So I thought I would jump in the

shower, the warm water sounded nice. I was wearing a band around my belly to

help hold the baby in a little bit better position, so I took that off to get in

the shower. I instantly had a BAD contraction, and then another one 2 min later,

and then another one 2 min after that. I got in the shower, and they kept coming

every 2 min, so I got back out of the shower. Brandon I guess had called my mom

and told her she needed to come over. He must have know how bad I was.


At 1:50 I called my midwife back and told her the contractions we 2 min apart

and I need to come to the birthing center but we had to wait for my mom, Cheech

and Hayley to come over. I went downstairs to try and get the last bit of stuff

together in my bag. The contractions started hurting so bad I couldn’t handle

it. I told Brandon I changed my mind, and I didn’t want to do it anymore!! I was

screaming during the contractions, I later found out that I woke the twins up

during this time, haha.


My mom got to our house around 2:15 and I tryed getting in the car, but I was

hurting so bad. I had 3 contractions before I finally got in the car. I basicly

sat on my mom’s lap in the back of the car. The birth center was a 1/2 hour away,

and it was so hard to handle the contractions in the car. I was thinking I can’t

do this any longer and if I am not dialated very much I wanted to be transfer to

the hospital. I started feeling the baby move while we were driving there, which

I thought was weird. Some of my contractions wouldn’t even finish before the

next one started.




We got to the birthing center, I had one contraction by the car and one in

front of the birthing center. I planned on having a water birth, and I wanted to

get in the birthing tub really bad, so I was really happy to be there, I walked

towards my room that I picked out to birth in and started having another

contraction and my body just started pushing with all its might! So I scream

“I’m pushing!!” So Brandon and my mom drag my into the other birthing room.


My midwife said we needed to get my pants off, and I needed to get in bed.

So my mom rips my pants off. I didn’t want to lay down it hurt so bad, so my mom

got on the bed and I lay on her lap and the baby’s head is already crowning.

The midwife asked Brandon if he was to catch. So the next contraction I

push and she comes out into her daddy’s hands! She had the cord around her neck

so they unwrap it and put her on my belly. She was born right at 3:00 AM. 3 and

1/2 hours after I woke up from some contractions that I wasn’t even sure was

real labor!!! She nursed right away, and is doing great! We came home by 10:00 that

morning. It was so nice! She was my 2nd VBAC after 2 prior c-sections. She was

6lbs 6 oz, and 18 1/2 in long.”


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